Do you have a narrow neck bottle that needs cleaning?

You probably tried all the tips on the internet like mixing rice and vinegar, or soaking it and letting it sit overnight.

A water bottle cleaning brush is all that you need, but nothing fits inside the kombucha bottle, or oil bottle you are trying to clean at the bottom.

Until now.

How to Clean Narrow Neck Bottles with The Crown Choice Water Bottle Cleaning Brush

demo of long bottle brush set in 6 bottles

Our long bottle cleaner was the first to market to make it easy and possible to clean narrow neck bottles.

Our bottle cleaner is still the only one on the market that has a brush tip on the end to make it easy to clean the bottom of bottles.

We tested our products under very strict standards. It cleared all the hurdles in standard testing.

It is a 16” long brush with sturdy bristles and a bristle head that can fit inside small mouth bottles.

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  • The bottle brush is long and fits perfectly in small opening bottles
  • It’s sturdy but flexible and won’t break easily
  • It’s made specifically for narrow neck bottles and stainless tumblers, Swell, beer bottle, EZ Cap bottles, pitchers, carafes, sodastream and more
  • It comes with a 10” straw brush


  • People might find it hard to use on regular bottles. Due to the length, they don’t usually have the necessary torque to deep clean inside. If you need to use this to clean regular bottles you need to hold the middle part for more leverage. 

Grab a brush from our store and it’s as easy as the 5 steps below.

Step 1: Soak the narrow neck bottle under warm soapy water for a few minutes
Step 2: Use The Crown Choice long bottle brush by inserting it into the bottle
Step 3: Rotate the brush inside the bottle until it’s clean
Step 4: Rinse thoroughly and make sure that you’ve washed away the soap 
Step 5: Dry it and it’s ready for the next use

Other Methods to Clean Narrow Neck Bottles without a Long Bottle Cleaning Brush

It’s always better to have the proper tools to complete a job in the best manner. You can still clean your bottles if you don’t have a narrow neck bottle cleaning brush. 

The alternative methods are not ideal but still work.

Bartender’s Trick

salt baking soda cleaning

This is a great trick to quickly clean very dirty/murky bottles.

Step 1: Put about a quarter of coarse salt in the bottle
Step 2: Pour vinegar in the bottle. Use just enough so you can swish the salt around the bottle
Step 3: Plug the opening using the bottle cap or your hand
Step 4: Shake the bottle until you see it clean the gunk or until you’re satisfied
Step 5: Rinse and wash out the vinegar and salt
Step 6: Dry

Rice Method

rice method to clean water bottles

This method is similar to the bartender’s trick. The difference is that this one uses rice and water. It’s great for daily or weekly cleaning of your beer bottles.

Step 1: Fill your bottle with a quarter of dry rice    
Step 2: Put water inside the bottle just enough to swish the rice inside the bottle

Step 3: Plug the bottle opening and shake the bottle for a few minutes. 
– Sometimes you will see the gunk clearing up from the bottom and sides but it’s up to you to decide when you’re going to stop. 

Step 4: Wash out the water and rice
Step 5: Rinse & dry

You can also use the denture tablet method. You will need to put water in the bottle and add some crushed denture tablets in it. Wait for it to bubble and fizz until the bottle is clean.

The Best Option is Cheap and Saves You Work and Effort

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If you want to clean your narrow neck bottles then consider it an investment to buy a proper long bottle brush from The Crown Choice. The long water bottle brush will save you time because you’re using an efficient cleaning tool.

Sometimes things are easier if you use the right tool for a specific job. Buy the long bottle brush now and see how it can save you cleaning time and add more time to enjoy your bottles clean.

The best option is not free but it’s affordable and will save you time.

Download the PDF version of this article below.

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