Shower Cleaning Hacks – How to Clean Shower Like a Pro

Shower Cleaning Hacks - How to Clean Shower Like a Pro 1

Wondering why you need shower cleaning hacks?

We shower to clean up and feel fresh. Either before or after a long and hot day, a warm – or cold – shower is a true blessing. Although we prefer to ignore it, in reality, our showers can get real dirty. If you don’t take care of your shower regularly, the dirt just accumulates. 

That’s why you need to clean your shower regularly. It’s important to keep it clean and sanitary to use. Here are how showers can get nasty:

1. Tiles become dirty, moldy & smelly
2. Bath mats get grimy and slippery
3. Shower curtains get mildewy

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Shower Cleaning Hacks - How to Clean Shower Like a Pro 2

You can use regular soap or detergent to clean shower tiles. However, if you want to use products that are already in your house, then the water-vinegar solution might be exactly what you need. 

50-50 water and vinegar solution:

Step 1: Use a spray bottle and spray the water-vinegar solution
Step 2: Make sure to spray and wipe 
Step 3: Spray and wipe starting from up top then bottom
Step 4: Do this until you’ve cleaned all your shower tiles from left to right or right to left

Prevent Mold in Shower Tiles

How to clean shower to prevent mold in shower tiles

Tiles can also get moldy. Regular maintenance will help prevent build-up.

Step 1: Use car rain repellant 
Step 2: Spray it on the tiles
Step 3: Wipe dry

How to Remove Bath Mat Stains

how to clean shower - Remove Bath Mat Stains

Mold or grime in bath mats makes them slippery. When it gets too dirty, it’s crucial to get clean it. Here’s how.

Step 1: Mix two parts baking soda with one part lemon juice
Step 2: Spread the paste on the stains
Step 3: Pour white vinegar on top of the stains
Step 4: Let it dry
Step 5: Wipe it clean with an all-purpose dishcloth

How to Clean Shower Curtains

how to clean shower curtains

Smell can be a real problem when your shower curtain gets mildewy. Inhaling toxic mold fragments is dangerous for people with asthma. Even if you don’t have asthma, it’s a bad element that will irritate your air passage. It might eventually cause nasal congestion and coughing.

Having a smelly shower curtain is a sign of a serious problem. Don’t wait for toxic mold to build up. Good thing it’s easy to get rid of.

1. Combine half a cup of salt with one-gallon water
2. Soak your shower curtain in the solution for one hour at least once a month

How to Clean Shower Glass Doors

How to Clean Shower glass door

Some people prefer to use a magic eraser, but you can also use a clean dishcloth or a non-scratch all-purpose dishcloth.

Step 1: Put your magic eraser under running water
Step 2: Wipe your glass door with the wet magic eraser 
Step 3: Squeegee clean and dry 

In case of no magic eraser, here’s how you can get optimal results: 

Step 1: Use a spray bottle if you’re using a dishcloth or a no-scratch all-purpose dishcloth    
Step 2: Spray your glass door up top and wipe with the dishcloth
Step 3: Use more water as needed until you reach the bottom
Step 4: Squeegee clean and dry

How to Clean Showerhead

How to Clean Showerhead

Showerheads get dirty with water buildup. It’s often hard to clean without a detail brush. 

How to clean showerhead with a detail brush.

Step 1: Turn the water on for 30 seconds to get some build up out
Step 2: Use the detail brush to scrub the holes
Step 3: Use the scraper to get crusted grime and dirt out
Step 4: Rinse the showerhead 

This Lifehacker trick suggests this method to clean showerhead without much effort.

Step 1: Put vinegar in a strong plastic bag
Step 2: Tie it on your shower head make sure the head is soaked
Step 3: Leave it overnight 
Step 4: Remove the plastic bag
Step 5: Let the water run through for 30-seconds before using it

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