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How do you clean cloudy crystal glass? 

Cloudy glass is either caused by hard water stains or etching. Etched glass cannot be fixed. That’s why this guide will focus on cloudy glass caused by hard water and how to fix it.  

Using too much detergent with soft water can cause etched glass. A hard water stain is nothing but mineral deposits that build upon the glass and makes it look cloudy. This hard water stain build-up can create a film in your dishwasher that will leave permanent cloudy looking stains.

It’s recommended that you use gentle dishwashing liquid and handwash your favorite glassware or a general-purpose soft dishcloth if you are to use one.

General Cleaning – What Do You Need to Use?

it's easy to clean this cloudy crystal glass

First, you need to check if you can still fix your cloudy glassware. 

How to check

Step 1: Get a clean cloth
Step 2: Soak the cloth in white vinegar
Step 3: Wipe your glassware with the cloth 

If your glassware looks less cloudy than before, then there’s still hope.

How to Clean Cloudy Crystal Glass

Here’s what you need for dishwasher cleaning.

1. One cup of vinegar 
2. Dishwasher safe bowl

Step 1: Put one cup of vinegar in the bowl
Step 2: Put the bowl on the bottom rack
Step 3: Put all your glasses on the top rack
Step 4: Run a full cleaning cycle. Don’t use detergent.
Step 5: Dry your glassware 


To hand wash your crystal glasses and make it look sparkling clean, you need to prepare the following:

1. Vinegar
2. A plastic bottle
3. Warm water
4. Three Cups
5. A funnel

Step 1: Prepare one part dish detergent, one part white vinegar, three parts warm water
Step 2: Funnel them in the plastic bottle
Step 3: Put a cap on the plastic bottle and shake
Step 4: Pour the liquid on a non-scratch dishcloth
Step 5: Scrub the glass inside and out
Step 6: Rinse glass under running water
Step 7: Cycle back to step 5 until the stain is gone
Step 8: Let dry

How to get the extra shine

1. One gallon of white vinegar
2. Baking soda
3. Hot water
4. Cold water
5. Rubber gloves
6. Washing up tub or bucket
7. A bowl
8. All purpose dish cloth or paper towels

Step 1: Fill your sink with half white vinegar and cold water  
Step 2: Put your glassware in the sink one-by-one
Step 3: Leave them between three and four hours
Step 4: After that, pick up your glassware one-by-one
Step 5: You can put your glassware back in the sink if it’s still dirty
Step 6: Wash each glass one at a time in hot soapy water
Step 7: Rinse under running water

Water bowl (with cold water)

Step 8: Dip each glass in a bowl of cold water

Washtub (vinegar and cold water solution)

Step 9: Rinse each glass in the washing up tub to give it an extra shine
Step 10: Let dry
Step 11: Check each glass for smudges
Step 12: Polish with a clean dry towel if there are smudges 

Simple Handwashing to Clean Crystal Glass

Most people know that using a fizzy stomach tablet inside a crystal glass can help remove the cloudy residue. But did you know that you can use toothpaste to clear the cloudy look as well?

Note: The effect of baking soda and vinegar solution has the same effect as fizzy stomach tablet. The bubble and fizz apparently dislodge foreign objects from the crystal.

Here’s how.

Step 1: Take a toothpaste tube and put some on your fingers
Step 2: Rub the glass with the toothpaste until the film is removed
Step 3: Rinse the glass thoroughly with warm soapy water or wash it with water and mild dishwashing liquid

Note: You can also use denture cleaner as a substitute for toothpaste

Step 4: Air dry the crystal glass

You can use the toothpaste method so that the cloudy film on your crystal glass doesn’t accumulate and stick. It’s better to keep your crystal glass maintained to make cleaning easier.

Always use mild detergent and non scratch dish cloths to keep your crystal glassware clean and looking new.

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