How to clean granite countertops?

A clean granite countertop adds a grizzled look and dignified character to any kitchen. It doesn’t add much if it looks scratched and dirty. You can’t overestimate the durability of granite. Sure, it can last for years with little maintenance but it can get scratched if you use the wrong product or brand.

In my opinion, no effective cleaner is really scratch proof. It’s most likely less abrasive but if you do it wrong then even cotton can scratch most surfaces. I remember polishing my shoes when I was a kid, I used a white cotton cloth confident that it will not scratch my school shoes, but it did. Looking at the cloth I saw some specs of dirt that caused it.

So if you’re dealing with something precious and sentimental, the best way is to be careful and test any product by applying or using it on a small, less visible portion of your countertop. Test it first, whether you’re using a cleanser, brush or polishing cloth.   

Best Cleaning Tips for Granite Countertops

Again, while granite is strong and doesn’t keep in liquids (making it bacteria resistant) unlike other materials, it can be scratched with ease. It loses its shiny, elegant look when scratched.

Here’s how to clean it.

What you need

  1. Wam, soapy water
  2. Bar Keepers Friend cooktop cleanser
  3. Non scratch home scrubber 

Note: Make sure that your granite countertop is sealed. If not, it will soak up spills and stains. Check by dropping some water on the countertop if the liquid forms beads then it’s sealed. 

Step 1: Use non-abrasive cleaning solution like Bar Keepers Friend and the Non scratch home scrubber 
Step 2: Wet your home scrubber with warm soapy water
Step 3: Wipe down your countertop as usual (remove crumbs and sticky spills)
Step 4: Dry your countertop with a microfiber cloth or a dry home scrubber

At this point, you can either polish your countertop or disinfect it first then polish.

How to disinfect your granite countertop

From step four above start here:

Step 1: Make a 50:50 water and alcohol solution

Note: Make sure that the alcohol you’re using is at least 70% 

Step 2: Spray the solution on your countertop
Step 3: Leave the solution for at least 3 minutes
Step 4: Wipe it down again with dry microfiber cloth or a dry home scrubber

Once disinfected and dry you can now polish your countertop.

Step 1: Put a cleaning liquid on the counter

Note: Since BKF is already in liquid form you don’t need to wet the countertop like you’re using a polishing powder.

Step 2: You can buff the surface with a buffer pad, a soft cloth, a home scrubber or a buff drill at low speed.
Step 3: Buff until the shine returns

If you don’t have a kitchen cleaner solution and home scrubber handy, check this next section.

DIY – How to Clean Granite Countertops

Here’s a do-it-yourself solution if you don’t have all the necessary equipment and you want to clean your granite countertop right now.

First of all, I know that you’re thinking of using vinegar to disinfect and polish at the same time – don’t! Vinegar is just as acidic as bleach or Windex. So just use non abrasive and non acidic materials and ingredients.  

What you need

1. Soft cloth
2. Mild soap
3. Warm water

DIY – Best Granite Cleaner and Polish Steps

Step 1: Fill your sink with warm water and soap
Step 2: Use this solution on the granite countertop
Step 3: Spread the soap and water with the help of a soft cloth
Step 4: Scrub stained sections gently and use more soap and water as needed
Step 5: Let the countertop dry
Step 6: Use a new dry dishcloth or soft cloth and sprinkle it with a little cooking oil
Step 7: Buff the countertop with that soft cloth

The cooking oil will help polish your countertop and also makes it a little bit resistant to stains.

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Here’s the Easiest Way to Clean Granite Countertop

The Crown Choice has all the countertop cleaning products that you will need. Here are the best bundles that are a great value for your money.

This is a 3 piece set that includes the cooktop cleaner and 2 non scratch scouring scrubber. Scouring scrubber can be used top polish and to remove and clean stubborn stains and dried up food residue.

This bundle is a 3 piece set which includes 2 nonscracth dish cloth and the BKF cooktop cleaner. Dish cloth is gentle and can be used daily to clean and polish your countertop.

The Crown Choice cooktop cleaner bundle is the best choice if you don’t want to make your own cleaning solution. The scrubber pads and scouring pads are non abrasive and the Bar Keepers Friend cooktop cleaner is gentle and safe. 

The Crown Choice cooktop cleaning liquid is not as abrasive like vinegar or bleach.

Check out the cooktop cleaning bundles here and save time by buying the most effective cleaning tools rather than making them at home.

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