How to clean wine bottles is a crucial part of the wine bottling process. Proper cleaning of wine bottles is important for both sanitation and wine taste.

Using a regular household kitchen brush is not the most ideal way to clean wine bottles. Those bottles have small mouths and narrow necks. You can’t clean the insides of the bottle properly using regular brushes.

Manual brushing is the best way to clean narrow neck bottles. However, you will need a long bottle brush that can fit into the small bottle opening. If a regular brush did fit, chances are it won’t be able to clean the bottom of a bottle of wine.

This is where The Crown Choice long bottle brush with cleaning tip comes in. Its long, sturdy handle fits narrow neck bottles with small mouths and it can effortlessly clean the bottom of a bottle of wine.

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How to Clean Wine Bottles by Hand Washing

It’s easy to clean individual wine bottles by hand washing. All you need is The Crown Choice long bottle brush and a cleaning liquid.

How to Clean Your Wine Bottles with a Long Bottle Brush with a Cleaning Tip

Step 1: Soak your wine bottle in warm soapy water to loosen the gunk

Contamination Warning: Clean the container properly. If you’re using a tub or your sink then clean that properly with detergent and disinfectant.

Step 2: Insert the long bottle brush and scrub the inside of the wine bottle in a circular motion
Step 3: Make sure the cleaning tip is touching the bottom of the bottle
Step 4: Rinse properly
Step 5: Invert the bottle and let it dry

How to Clean Wine Bottles Using a Dishwasher

dish washer in use

The dishwasher is the fastest and easiest way to clean wine bottles. However, a dishwasher may not get the perfect cleaning result. I say that because there could still be some wine or moldy residue that the dishwasher steam might not be able to get to and clean.

This may not necessarily be a bad thing because the bottle still comes out pasteurized. It’s just a detail that some people would want to be aware of.

Step 1: Put your bottles upside down in the spike rack
Step 2: Put your dishwasher in a rinse cycle but without soap
Step 3: Leave the bottle in on heat dry
Step 4: Remove the bottle as you need them
Step 5: If you need to use the dishwasher then store the bottles somewhere sanitary like a dry cupboard  

You can also use the dishwasher on heat dry settings after brushing to sanitize the bottles before using them.

Alternative Ways to Clean Wine Bottles

salt baking soda cleaning

This shortcut is called “bartender’s trick” because bartenders use it to clean their beer and wine bottles as fast as possible. People claim that this is one of the best and fastest techniques for cleaning bottles.

The Bartender’s Trick

You only need:

1. Coarse salt
2. Vinegar

Step 1: Fill one-quarter of your wine bottle with coarse salt
Step 2: Add vinegar just enough so that the coarse salt can swish freely inside the bottle
Step 3: Plug the bottle with a cap or your thumb
Step 4: Shake the bottle. The salt will help clean the walls of the bottle and the vinegar should sanitize it as well
Step 5: Pour out the vinegar and salt
Step 6: Rinse the bottle with clean water
Step 7: Store the wine bottles upside down and let dry

The Rice Method

You need:

1. Uncooked rice (rice grain)
2. Liquid soap
3. Water

Step 1: Put one-quarter of raw rice inside the bottle

Scratch Warning: This won’t happen when using coarse salt, but make sure that the rice grain is not sharp and won’t scratch the inside of your bottle.

Step 2: Put a couple of drops of liquid soap in the bottle
Step 3: Fill the bottle with water up to the top but enough where you can still shake the rice inside
Step 4: Shake the bottle until you see that the bottle is completely clean
Step 5: Drain the water and rice. Use a strainer to catch the rice so you don’t clog your sink
Step 6: Rinse the bottle with clean water and make sure that all detergent is removed 
Step 7: Store it upside down and dry it completely  

Rinsing with water is easy when you use a reliable long bottle brush. The brush will be able to get rid of detergent residue faster.

The Crown Choice Long Bottle Brush Is Still the Best Way to Clean Wine Bottles

How to Clean Wine Bottles: Proven Ways and Tools for Deep Cleaning 1

When using either the manual or alternative methods of cleaning you’ll see that a long bottle brush will help make cleaning easier and faster. That’s the reason why The Crown Choice makes simple and easy to use products.

Check out all of our bottle brushes here and try it virtually risk-free with our no questions asked, 30-day money-back guarantee.

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How to Clean Wine Bottles: Proven Ways and Tools for Deep Cleaning 2

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